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Basic functions of Discover Weather, such as the product discovery and the access to product descriptions (the metadata) are available to all users - including the anonymous ones. However, the access to actual data, instances of the products, may be subject to restrictions defined by data producer. Editing of product descriptions is available to authenticated users only and is subject of further restrictions. Similarly subscribing for regular delivery of data requires authentication.
Users are grouped into "Organizations". The basic privileges, such as access to specific products or ability to edit product metadata are defined at organization level. The data subscriptions and related destinations are defined per organization too.
User privileges can be further restricted by the administrator. Thus, within the same organization one user may have privileges necessary for subscription and destination management and another for editing of product metadata.
The user account can be acquired in the following way:

  1. The organization to which you belong has to be registered:
    • Click the Login button in the top right corner.
    • Click Register a new account
    • In the displayed page click the button Register organisation and register your organization if needed.
  2. The registration of the organization will be confirmed via e-mail.
  3. After an organization account has been enabled, an authorized representative of this organization can be validated as an authorized user:
    • Click the Login button in the top right corner.
    • Click Register a new account
    • Register a user
  4. After the registration of the user, the administrator of Discover Weather will send an e-mail to the organization.
  5. After the contact person of the organization confirms that the user is an authorized representative of the organization, the user account will be activated and a notification e-mail sent to the user.

If you want to change the details entered for you or for your organisation, log in, click in the top right corner and select User details or Organisation details.

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