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The screenshots in this manual reflect the generic look of the user interface. IBL can adjust the look and the layout based on customer requirements.

start interface when user is not logged in

To log in click the Login button in the right top corner. The page will display the Login section:

  1. Login: Enter your user name.
  2. Password: Enter your password.
  3. Click Login

Logging in requires a validated account:

See Registration for details.

To log out, click in the top right corner and select Sign out.


The default page (before or after logging in) allows to specify the product search.

It is possible to search for products when you are not logged in; however users who are not logged in cannot subscribe to products.

The page changes according to the selected operation or according to the option selected after clicking the icon in the top left corner.
The listed options depend on two facts: whether you are not logged in and what kind of user rights you have.

The following options are available:

for user who is is not logged in

for user who is logged in

Search products

Search products


Metadata editor

Metadata contact

The remaining items are only used for displaying information, such as disclaimer or help.

The Search products option returns to the default page which enables to search the WIS for available weather data products.
See Product Search for details.


The Destination option is only available when you are logged in. It allows to subscribe to products, i.e. to specify to which destinations the data products should be delivered.
See Destinations for details.

Metadata editor

The Metadata editor is only available when you are logged in as user with authorization to edit metadata.
See Metadata editor for details.

Metadata contacts

The Metadata contact is only available when you are logged in as user with authorization to edit metadata.
See Metadata contacts for details.

Help and other Information: